⦁ Gear is SO VERY important when it comes to dealing with resin. Resin that isnt fully cured can be harmful to your body. Its best to wear gloves and a respretory mask during the process of making your craft !

                          PROPER VENTILATION
⦁ Depending on the brand of resin you use , your resin could have a very faint smell or a super strong smell. Either way its good to have ventilation in your project area so you arent breathing it in ( after taking off your mask or even so your loved ones around you )

                             SLOW AND STEADY
⦁ Mixing your resin slowly helps prevent bubbles from appearing in your project. Bubbles are sometimes unavoidable so alot of people like to use a heat gun , torch or spraying isopropyl over their project to help rid the bubbles.

⦁ Resin can leave a mess behind and WE DONT WANT THAT. There have been plenty of times when I accidently knock my resin bottle over , I have drippings on my work table or even touched a project thinking it was cured and it wasnt yet. I use isoproypl alchocl to help clean up the resin and then I disinfect ( by my own personal choice ) to make sure that eveything clean. If you do happen to touch one of your projects before its cured or even accidently touch your work table with resin that you accidently spilled & its on your skin . DONT USE ISOPROLPL ALCHOL , use soap and water and wash your hands thoroughly.

                                   COLD - NO
⦁ I had to learn the hard way that resin DOES NOT like the cold. It makes the cure process alot slower ( when I say ALOT , I mean ALOTT ) . Resin likes warmer tempeature which helps cure your craft in the proper time frame.